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The Green Seminary Initiative is dedicated to informing educators, administrators, students, clergy, and lay people about current content and methodology of ecologically themed courses in seminaries and divinity schools. We collect syllabi from courses which focus primarily on ecological and theological issues, as well as other more general classes that have a significant ecological component.


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Contribute a Syllabus – Please help if you can!


We invite you to contribute a syllabus for a class that focuses on some aspect of eco-justice and religion. The class might be fully devoted to this subject or the class may have a component related to this subject. We are seeking syllabi from many disciplines (e.g. theology, sociology, ethics, history, etc.). There is no need to make significant changes or format for this venue. Please just forward the syllabus to us so others can benefit from your efforts.


Please do include the following on the document:

  • Name of course
  • Name of professor and contact information if possible
  • Date taught or to be taught


If you want to share a syllabus, please send it as an attachment to