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A message from Dr. Laurel Kearns after her visit to Washington:

"This past Tuesday, Dr. Beth Norcross and I, and Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith, all attended a WhiteHouse briefing for faith leaders on climate change."

"Healing a Broken World" is a document from the Jesuit Curia:

"The deterioration of the environment as a result of human activity has taken on a decisive importance for the future of our planet and for the living conditions
of coming generations. We are witnessing a growing moral consciousness regarding this reality. The Church, and especially the two most recent Popes, have been insisting on the need for us to collaborate in the efforts to preserve the environment, and thus to protect creation and the poorest populations, who are those most
threatened by the consequences of environmental degradation."

The International Jesuit Ecology Project at Loyla College is a response to "Healing a Broken World."





Good Food: Grounded Practical Theology

Written by Jennifer Ayres

Christians in the United States are on a quest for good food. And yet at every turn, they confront brokenness in the food system. Access to healthy food is not secure. Farmers and laborers struggle to find meaningful agricultural work that pays a livable wage. Animals and the land are abused. At the public policy level, legislation has increasingly favored mass-produced products in order to provide the largest amount of food to the greatest number of people at the lowest possible prices-- regardless of the consequences. Unable to trace the sources of their food, and perhaps even the ingredients, consumers are vulnerable to a deep and abiding alienation. Still, many religions, including the Christian tradition, orient themselves around the table, a site for connection and nourishment.