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It's a big year for enviromental, climate change, ecology, animal studies events at AAR/SBL!

GSI has compiled a list of events to keep you busy throughout the whole conference. 

Click here to see the list.

We look forward to seeing you next week!





Divinanimality: Animal Theory, Creaturely Theology

Edited by Stephen Moore

Forward by Laurel Kearns

A turn to the animal is underway in the humanities, most obviously in such fields as philosophy, literary studies, cultural studies, and religious studies. One important catalyst for this development has been the remarkable body of animal theory issuing from such thinkers as Jacques Derrida and Donna Haraway. What might the resulting interdisciplinary field, commonly termed animality studies, mean for theology, biblical studies, and other cognate disciplines? Is it possible to move from animal theory to creaturely theology?


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