Green Seminary News

25 schools highlighted by the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development for their offerings in faith and ecology curricula. Look and see here.


Catholic Theological Union 2015 Fall Lecture Series--Care for Creation: Scripture, Science, and Ethics

Tuesday nights From September to December 2015 - Care for Creation: Scripture, Science, and Ethics taught by CTU Professor Dawn Nothwehr, OSF, and DePaul University Associate Professor Mark J. Potosnak. The course will provide the foundations for Catholic Social Teaching on environmental issues, such as ethical sources and norms, doctinal warrants, biblical themes, and science for environmental literacy. 

For Our Common Home: Process-Relational Responses to Laudato si’

a collection of process-relational responses to the encyclical including representatives of indigenous and African religions as well as Chinese and Indian ones. Others are written from the perspective of special interest in agriculture, education, politics, economics, finance, law, management, and technology.

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Good Food: Grounded Practical Theology

equipping readers with the theological and practical tools needed to safeguard that which sustains us: food.

by Jennifer Ayers

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